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April 29, 2022

What are Nangs?

Nangs are also known as Nitrous oxide gas or laughing gas. Nangs encloses in a small metal cylinder used chiefly for cream whipping. Most people also know the nang as whippers. A standard cylinder of nang contains 8g N2O. Caterers use this cylinder to prepare whipped cream instantly with a better and smooth texture.

On the other hand, people also use it for inhaling to induce euphoria. So, this small cylinder of N2O has some beneficial and harmful effects. Now, it’s up to you how you use it.

What are Poppers?

Poppers are liquid chemicals sold in the markers as recreational drugs since the 1970s. The gas coming out of the popper can inhale normally a room temperature. Most companies sell poppers in small bottles of odorizers online and in different stores.

The gas in poppers smoothly absorbs into the bloodstream and relaxes the muscles. However, the excess of the popper inhaling might cause a drop in blood pressure and headrush. Most people use the poppers to relax their muscles before engaging in sexual activities.

What are the effects of Nangs and Poppers?

Nang Effects:

Humans can abuse or misuse nangs, just like other substances. While nitrous oxide addiction isn’t severe and chronic, nang abusers can develop emotional habits toward the substance, harming the abuser and others around them.

Nitrous oxide inhalation is also known to have hazardous adverse effects on humans. The ability of the body to absorb vitamin B12 is known to be hampered by nangs. The whipped cream charger is more likely to release the freezing gas directly into the body. Because the nitrous in the nang is extremely cold, it might burn the user’s face. Nitrous death is uncommon; however, it can occur if a person tries to inhale from a bag or balloon.

Poppers Effects:

Fortunately, the effects of poppers inhaling in a healthy and average person are less than an unhealthy person. However, if someone is already on some other drugs or substances, the chances for effects are high. The reason is that the excessive or direct use of poppers can increase the blood pressure in the vessel.

So, it would be riskier for the person already suffering from heart disease. The common effects of abuse of poppers are headache, cancer, eyesight issues, and blood-borne viruses such as HIV, Aids, and Hep C.

Comparison Between Nangs and Poppers

Poppers have Amyl Nitrite that helps relax the muscles during several issues such as digestion and breathing. This substance helps to dilate the blood vessels by increasing their diameter. However, this increment in the vessel’s diameter might lead to high blood pressure and body temperature.

On the other hand, nangs have nitrous oxide gas, also known as laughing gas. The direct inhaling or consumption of chilled nangs from whipped cream chargers might burn the mouth and lips of the users. Nitrous oxide canisters are available, known as whipped cream chargers and medical gas tanks. Nitrous is frequently transferred into another container, such as a balloon, by those who use it to get high. Then they take a deep breath and inhale the gas from the balloon.

Your body and brain won’t get enough oxygen if you breathe too much nitrous. Suffocation is the term for this. You can pass out, go into a coma, or even die. Many countries allow the possession of nangs or the nitrous oxide present in nangs. It is not, however, with the intent to abuse or inhales. Nitrous oxide, like all food-related items, is controlled.

Which is more Dangerous?

Both nangs and poppers have severe side effects if you don’t use them correctly. However, the dangerous impact of poppers is more than nangs. The reason is that the inappropriate usage of poppers might lead to serious health conditions and diseases. If you still want to use the popper for recreational purposes, it would be best to use it alongside protection.

Don’t inhale N2O directly from the whipping cream dispenser into your mouth. If you are doing this, it might burn your mouth and lips. On the other hand, inhaling or eating frozen or chilled N2O directly from the whipping cream dispenser is not good. Never buy or sell a whipped cream charger for abusive purposes.


Nangs may elicit a similarly low-rent image, which is understandable given their lack of medicinal use and the drug’s major abusers are low-income and juvenile users. On the other hand, the substance has a far safer history of service than most inhalant medicines. Its restriction serves primarily as a deterrent to further harm. With that considered, user self-regulation appears to have a higher impact on decreasing the harm caused by use.

Alkyl nitrites, sometimes known as poppers, present a more complex problem. While the way they’ve been bought, sourced, and consumed in the past suggests an over-the-counter drug with no medical efficacy, they’re a class of medically sound treatments for serious illnesses with good safety profiles that a patient can safely administer on an as-needed basis.

While it is still technically possible to purchase it legally, the new limits on its sale will likely drive more users to less dependable, illicit providers, forcing the product underground to join the nangs and paint-rags.

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