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April 26, 2022

What Are Cream Chargers And What Do They Do?

In the food and beverage business, a cream charger is quite common. The nitrous oxide in this excellent culinary ingredient is usually pure food-grade. However, it’s an adaptable and enjoyable item that can help you unleash your inner chef. Today, we’ll learn what a cream charger is and why nitrous oxide chargers are beneficial.

Cream chargers are miniature nitrous oxide cylinders filled with culinary-grade nitrous oxide. The cylinders are typically made of recyclable steel, which is convenient because empty canisters may be dropped off at a nearby recycling facility.

There are numerous sizes of these chargers to choose from. The eight-gram N2O charges work with all 8-gram standard whipped cream dispensers. Standard cream whippers can also be used with a big N2O tank. However, a pressure regulator, hose, and adaptor will be required.

To prevent corrosion, the cylinders are usually coated. Nitrous oxide is generally stored as a highly pressurized liquid. When using cream chargers, you should take precautions by wearing protective gloves to avoid freeze burns.

You will save money if you purchase them in bulk or wholesale. However, if you ever need to purchase high-quality cream chargers, you must first understand the item’s standards. Cream chargers of good quality are constructed entirely of recyclable steel and do not leak. They also don’t have an expiration date, which is interesting.

How Do You Use A Cream Charger?

You can use cream chargers to infuse food-grade nitrous oxide into liquid whipped cream. The gas will react with the fat in the cream to generate whipped cream that is fluffy, voluminous, and delicious.

Different forms of whipped cream, such as stabilized whipped cream, can be made by modifying the formula. Whipped cream can be used to decorate a variety of foods and beverages.

Where Can You Purchase Cream Chargers?

A cream charger is one of the most helpful kitchen equipment, as you will discover when you learn about its many functions and how valuable it can be. If you are a chef specializing in confectionery items, you could not ask for better tools to help you work and make you more productive.

You can buy cream chargers from several online manufacturers of cream chargers and other kitchen appliances. You can also buy one in different tank sizes according to your needs and requirements. However, an 8-gram cream charger dispenser is more than enough for everyday usage in your kitchen.

What are the different types of cream chargers?

There are several types of cream chargers. However, 8 gram and 580-gram creamers are used most commonly. Let’s discuss both kinds of cream chargers in detail:

580-Gram Cream Charger: 580-Gram cream charger contains a large volume of nitrous oxide gas. Therefore, you can use this charger mostly to prepare nitrous flavor infusions and cocktails. Five hundred eighty grams of food-grade nitrous oxide are contained in these cartridges. 

One hundred 8g cream charges are about equal to one large cartridge. You’ll get this after you account for the N2O leakages common with ordinary 8g cream chargers. In addition, 580-gram tanks have a plastic release nozzle, unlike regular 8-gram chargers. This one-of-a-kind nozzle is free of quality issues with improper alignment.

Because the nozzle is constructed of plastic, it has excellent corrosion resistance and does not readily wear out. In addition, these tank cream cartridges’ odorless and flavorless nature makes them ideal for large-scale cocktail making.

High-end N2O chargers are designed for large-scale household use and clubs, pubs, restaurants, cafes, and commercial kitchens. 580g tanks, unlike most typical 8g whip cream cartridges, exceed high international criteria for excellent and consistent performance, safety, quality, and ecologically friendly methods.

The more significant amounts of nitrous oxide in a single canister imply unrivaled performance in nitrous infusions and cream whipping procedures.

  • 8-Gram Cream Charger:

This is a regular nitrous oxide charger roughly 2.6 inches long with a bottom around 0.7 inches wide and a small end that is about 0.34 inches wide. Eight grams of food-grade, pure nitrous oxide is contained in this type of cream charger. 

Most 8-gram whip cream cartridges are universally compatible with a wide range of whipped cream dispenser brands. You can turn around approximately 0.5g whipped cream in 1.5Ltr cream. 

Manufacturer of 8g cream charger makes sure to seal and weigh electronically. So, you don’t need to worry about the leakage of this tank during its provided shelf life.

What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make When Using A Cream Charger?

Whipping cream with a whipped cream dispenser is simple. Still, there are a few pitfalls to avoid while preparing whip cream, taking the necessary precautions, correctly measuring the components, and doing some fast checks. Nobody wants to make a sloppy, runny whipped cream completely useless.

If you are also going to make whipped cream using a charger dispenser for the first time, you have to know some standard facts. So you can use it safely and appropriately. Let’s discuss a few common mistakes made by users while using a whipped cream charger;

  • Using Warm cream Instead of Chilled Cream:

You have to use a chilled cream for whipping. So, you can get a better milky texture with smoothness. But most people use warm heavy milk. In this case, the results are useless and runny whipped cream. So, you cannot stabilize a warm whipped cream in a better texture than you desired.

  • Inappropriate Selection Of Cream Based On Different Varieties:

If you buy the cream for the first time from a store, you will surely get confused with different types of cream. Various stores have different types of cream, such as light, heavy, fatless, and heavy whipping cream. 

If you are looking for a fluffy and stiff whipped cream, you have to buy heavy cream or heavy whipping cream. The reason is that these creams are the best consideration for making whipped cream. Moreover, if the butterfat of any cream is more than 32%, you can indeed consider it for preparing whipped cream.

  • Adding Wrong Quantity Of Ingredients:

If you want the perfect yield and texture of whipped cream, you must add all ingredients correctly. Otherwise, you cannot get desired taste and texture. On the other hand, the wrong amount of ingredients might also ruin your recipe. 

If your cream has less sugar than is required in your recipe, you should add the right amount of sweetener to other ingredients for a delicious result.

  • Inappropriate Charging Of Whipped Cream Dispenser:

You have to charge the whipped cream dispenser fully if you want to use it to whip the cream. You can buy a good-quality cream charger from any online charger manufacturer store. If you have a normal 1-liter whipped cream dispenser, you have to charge it at least once or twice.


Undoubtedly, cream chargers are the best things to consider for your caterer tasks. A standard 8g cream charger is more than enough for everyday use in your kitchen. However, you can also choose a 580g cream charger if you want to whip the cream in a large amount. Get in Touch With us to Buy Cream Chargers in Melbourne at your DoorStep.

Enjoy making cocktails and toping your cakes easily and fun-lovingly with the right whipped cream charger!

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